Hard-Drive Disc

This tool can be used to calculate the estimated amount of storage space needed for recording on a CCTV DVR Hard-drive. Enter the required information below and "click" in the box next to the phrase, "Suggested Hard Drive Storage Amount*...", for the suggested answer.

Note: This calculator is for evaluation/ estimate purposes only.

1. Minimum # of days to store video:  

2. Total Number of cameras connected to your DVR:  

3. Recorded (FPS) frames per second on (1) camera:  

4. Total # of hours of each day the DVR is recording:  

5. Total # of days in a typical week the DVR is active:  

Suggested Hard Drive Storage Amount*...   

*Additional factors may influence the DVR's hard drive(s) storage capacity as well as the number of days the DVR will store information. Most common are HDD compression types (Codec), recording resolution, and whether the DVR is set for motion detection. Most CCTV projects are different and individual needs have to be taken into consideration.

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