Camera Types

Dome Camera

We offer several types of surveillance cameras depending on the required outcome and project environment. Some camera models have a fixed focal lens and some are adjustable, known as a "vari-focal" type lens. We offer Ultra High Definition cameras that are capable of 8 Megapixels also commonly known as 4K, this translates into a superior quality picture of the video images. We also offer many cameras resolutions such as the common 1080P High Definition.

We have multiple camera formats which consists of IP (Internet Protocol/ TCP), High Definition TVI over coaxial for traditional Analog/ Legacy System types (Common for existing RG59 cabling upgrades). Most camera models feature IR Leds. "Infrared Light Emitting Diodes" are used to compensate for the lack of ambient light in the surrounding camera view.


Digital Video Recorder Types


We offer NVR and HD-DVR products that range from 4 channels and go up to 64 channels, allowing for 4 to 64 cameras, respectively. In general a NVR (Network Video Recorder) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) are devices that receives the video signals from the security cameras that will either convert the video data from analog to digital in the case of a DVR, NVR is straight digital utilizing IP cameras and compresses it onto hard-drive(s) for storage and viewing.

The network video recorders we offer have advanced compression format, H.265+, providing crisp and clear images with real time performance.The H.265+ format also has increased the efficiency of the storage onto the hard drive(s).

The NVR/ DVR can also support LTE phone networks for smart phones and tablet devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android for remote "on-the-go" real-time viewing. Supports live display, record, playback, backup and network operations at the same time. Supports USB flash drive and network backup. Also can support multiple users via remote access simultaneously. Adjustable levels for motion detection sensitivity. Also, the flexibility of "dual-streams" to control internet bandwidth usage for bandwidth sensitive networks.

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