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This is general information pertaining to a residential install project. During a basic residential security camera installation, the majority of the work normally takes place within the attic area of your home. It is not uncommon for the working area conditions to be near 130F°+.

For the exterior security cameras, we will mount the cameras in the pre-determined locations. We then carefully move throughout the attic area via the insulation filled ceiling joists to the outer edges where the roof line meets to start the Cat6 cable installation of each exterior security camera. We then carefully drill and route the cables to a pre-determined interior wall to pull all security camera cables down through, called the "Homerun", and terminate them to the Networkable video recorder (NVR) via a low-voltage receptacle wall plate bracket.

The security cameras are then adjusted for proper field of view. We then program the settings of the NVR and intergrate the surveillance camera system into your local area network (LAN) for remote access when you are away from home, at the office, on vacation, etc. We gladly show the client how to use the equipment and answer any questions that the client might have.

Secure Home Video installs the equipment we sell. We don't use sub-contractors. Our technicians are well-trained and will kindly respect your home, property, company facility and procedures. We pride ourselves on our customer service and detail of workmanship of our installations.

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